LOTS of news/updates (yes, it’s a long post, but bear with me).

First, we will be a guest at Mini A-Kon February 28th! This will take place in Denton and I will be in the Artist Alley. I’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available! I have added the link under the Con/Expos section over there on the right so you can check out more details! That means I will be working on some new print pieces. RECOMMEND ANIME FOR ME TO WATCH SO I CAN DRAW IT. What are some anime shows you watch that you think I’d like?

Second, I have updated the ESTY shop and added the new Sailor Moon and Wreck-It Ralph/Frozen prints. So go buy 80 of them! Other updates are the ‘Support’ page so you can link back, or donate, the ‘Commissions’ page with more example work (also all my slots are open), and the ‘About’ page with contact information. On top of that let me tell you what social networks I’m publicly on so go follow me:(usernames on all: eliainabox)

Instagram – I post a preview for the new comic each week, plus random doodles and geekery. Also the occasional selfie. I shall not lie about that.
Twitter- I tweet all comic updates, art inspiration & news, and life stuff. I also like to live-tweet shows I hate.
Snapchat – I snap two dominant things: crappy doodles in a dark room and Dallas traffic rants. Occasionally a selfie but mostly those other two.
Tumblr – It’s the drawing blog you all know about. You can ask me questions on there as well as reblog the doodles I do.
Facebook – Just our fan page. Link is to the right.
On top of those updates, I also added the Project Wonderful ad back onto the site. So if you have a website, you should go join Project Wonderful (it’s great, seriously) and big on the ad space on the site.

Thirdly, I have rescheduled Doodle Day for next Sunday the 19th at 5 p.m-6:30 p.m. Hopefully a wreck of a storm won’t come in and knock my power out again. *knocks wood* So go keep submitting drawing requests to my Drawing Tumblr!

I think that’s it. Haha. Check out our latest blog post about the Creative Women’s Conference, and have a good week!