Hey everyone. As some of you may or may not have noticed, I went a bit MIA creatively for almost a month. I didn’t announce anything, as I made a personal choice to just step back and take a “vacation” from my art work. Stress from my day job started to consume me and I wanted to use any moment I had not working by relaxing.

I’m slowly making my way back online, however with a few changes. First, no more YouTube until further notice from me. I wanted to start up again with the con vlogs, but right now I don’t have cons until July (if they even stay scheduled) and I don’t have the energy/motivation to make content. Second, Sunday is officially Patreon day! I will be posting all my posts on Sunday for my Patrons from previews to my sketchbook lewd drawings. I’m finally buckling down to make sure it gets done and one day will be a lot easier than multi-days during the week. Lastly, I will stream on Twitch every Friday and then Saturday OR Sunday. Sometime both (but only Patrons will know ahead of time :D). Webcomic Wednesday will stay the same.

During the week, I’m only focusing on working my day-job. As an “essential” worker, it’s stressful so I don’t want to transfer that anger to my art in the evenings. I need time to just relax.

Also in this time I got Animal Crossing as a way to relax, and while I have, I have also become addicted. I’m ok with this.