But really.

I AM SO SORRY FOR THE FOUR WEEK ABSENCE. The past month has been a roller coaster of evens and happenings that just took me away from the sketchbook for too long. A quick explanation for my absence week by week:

Week 1 – A dreadful 48-hour stomach bug that left me bed-ridden (0r toilet-hugging), final wedding preparations for Lizzie’s wedding, work, and job interview for a new job (which I got hired!). Needless to say, I almost died this week.
Week 2 – Work the last days of my old job the first half of the week, and from Wednesday on, I was Maid of Honor for Lizzie at her wedding (and to be honest, I didn’t really want to deal with comic business while having fun with their wedding. I knew this week I wasn’t going to post a long time ago.)
Week 3 – Doctor’s appointments the first half of the week while preparing for starting my new job, and started the Wednesday of this week. Plus I had personal plans come up on the weekends while off, so I wasn’t home AT ALL.
Week 4 (this past week) – First full week on the new job. I used all my lunch breaks to work on this comic and finally come back with a 12-panel big bang.
So now that I’ve worked the new job for at least a week, I have adjusted and know what free time I have. I am back, y’all!


Less than two weeks until the Creative Women’s Conference in Denton, Texas! I will be there representing the box! THAT BEING SAID, I want to create one more print before I go. SO YOU GET TO VOTE! VOTE BY CLICKING HERE on the theme of the next art print I sell!
Also: I will be part of the panel “Art, Comics, and Graphic Design” in the main panel room and the “Sketch Dojo” during the CreateSpace Events! So be sure to come see me!

AND if you want to come by my table to file a complaint on the lack of comic, I will personally give you a ‘Never Shank a Baby’ sticker and a hug. Because I love you guys and I feel so bad for the hiatus. Thanks for sticking with the Box, y’all!