Let me tell you something about public bathrooms. I use the bathroom a lot. I’m a diabetic, so I pee almost as much as a pregnant woman. In the many years I have used a public bathroom, I have not been intimidated, ridiculed, or seen genitalia so that I am uncomfortable. You must be thinking, “but you only use a women’s restroom!” OK NO. Let me tell you something. When you have to pee as bad as I do and don’t want to strain your kidneys so you can keep them a couple years longer than expected, I will use what is available. If there is a long line at the ladies room and none for the mens, I will prance my full-bladdered self into that room and pee. 9 times out of 10, it’s usually cleaner than a women’s bathroom too; that’s a bonus. Do I get questioned? Probably only once, but when I explained why I went in there, it was brushed off. Why? BECAUSE I WAS F***ING PEEING. That’s all. Taking care of business. Also, if you’re repulsed by someone of a different gender using the facilities, that means you are imposing on what they have downstairs. NEVER have I been to a public bathroom and seen anyone expose their privates for me to even know what they got.

I’m going to leave it at that and just say that the entire thing is ridiculously stupid. Everybody pees. Everybody poops. Some people do it differently than others, but we all have to relieve ourselves sometimes. Do what you want in your home (which I’m pretty sure is a shared-gender bathroom, but whatever), but in public no one should be ashamed or scared because of their gender identity ESPECIALLY IF ALL THEY NEED TO DO IS DROP A MAD DEUCE.

*mic drop*

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