This parody featuring “Latch” by Disclosure.

Sorry for the late evening update. I was out all over Arlington trying to find some gosh darn square grid cube shelving and IT WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. So after about six different store visits (and horrible customer service at the Bed Bath & Beyond at the Arlington Highlands), I just came home after giving up. I searched all over the internet and all the speedy shipping was at least $40 on top of the item price.


I texted my friend Monnika to tell her my defeating day (she was with me all yesterday frantically searching the city for those darn shelves) and then she called me telling me to call the Bed Bath & Beyond near her. So I did and let me just give a big ol’ shoutout to Joseph at the Bed Bath & Beyond at the Grapevine Mills mall who gave me the best customer service I could ever ask for, and I didn’t even have to walk in the store! Needless to say, I will have my shelving, for less than the price of an infant, and I will have it ready to display at the Creative Women’s Conference this Saturday.

Boy what a weekend.