Hey everyone! I’m back!

I have SO MUCH to tell you all. I figured I’d throw it all out here instead of writing it in my art blog.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who stuck through the unexplained hiatus and waited for me. It means so much and I am not going anywhere.

The first thing that has happened in the past month is, well…I got married! I got married on the 9th and it was quite possibly the most fun day I have ever had. I would change nothing about the day as it was perfect in my eyes. I’ll post about it in my blog later with all the stuff I designed once I get pics and whatnot! After we honeymooned our little butts to Disney World which made me have an epiphany of my life (deep, right?) and I just realized I wasn’t happy not doing what I loved all the time, which I will explain below, and that I needed to do more of it.

However when we got back from our honeymoon and went back to work, we were struck with some unfortunate life bullshit. We both got laid off. As bitter, angry, and any other negative emotion that we were because all income was cut off, it may have been the wake up call we both needed. I was coming home upset and it just wasn’t a work environment that I would recommend to anyone with a mind like mine or with any sort of creative ambition.

I make this comic from the humor of my heart and mind and I was able to crank these out regularly. However as you all may have seen in the past few months, it’s been like pulling teeth to get one little comic out of me. That’s mainly because life stopped being funny with me and my inspiration and passion all disintegrated because my energy was being used on this job that just affected my mental health way too much; More than it should have. Granted, I did my job and kept it as positive as I could and got paid WONDERFULLY but at the end of the day, it unfortunately affected my time outside-work as well as my social and my relationship life because it was just a poisonous environment that just wasn’t something my personality could handle. We made it through though.

That being said, I am now unemployed and looking for something to get me back up financially but that will be a great job to do while pursuing my creative interests of this comic and my art. That, and I want to make sure I am happy because being in that pit of sadness and lying to myself that I’m happy to get a great paycheck, it just isn’t worth the emotional self-damage in the end. I won’t let anything ruin my relationship with my comic.


I have booked two appearances and I CANNOT BE MORE EXCITED. First this November, I will be a featured artist at the RAW Dallas Uprising show! How cool is that?!?! Then in January I will be a guest at Iigurubando Con in Fairfield, Texas! YAYY!!! Links to both of these events are in the bar on the right so go click and check them out and make plans to attend! I will post a link to get tickets through my profile on RAW Dallas soon.

Also with this and the change from “Elia in a Box: The Webcomic” to “Elia in a Box Comics” I am in need of new marketing materials as well and stocking up on prints. I’m thinking about making a GoFundMe because unfortunately I can’t afford much right now, and as much as I hate asking for help, I do need it. I will keep you all posted on that as well.

Thanks, everyone. I love you all. <3 -Elia