This year really has gone by, huh?

So with this comic, comes the first week of December of 2020 which happens to be the last month of comics for Elia in a Box: the Webcomic. This has been a decision I’ve been thinking about for a while and I know some people [outside my stream who have heard me straight-out admit it already] have been catching on too. This comic was started back when I was in high school as a way to make people smile, then grew into a way to keep memories in store, then I went on and added the elements of life comedy, scenarios, and situations and it became what it is today.

The older I’ve become and more I’ve gotten into working in the comic and illustration industry, the more work and opportunities that have come up and presented themselves to me. That, along with life in general. It’s a lot. Then comes 2020, a year I thought would lead to many other different doors, but instead to a pandemic that would shape the world around me into something a bit hard to deal with from my perspective. So hard, that my comic seemed hard to deal with seeing as it pertained to real life.

I tried to keep it funny, but the more I kept it going, the more I told myself that I should focus on the other ideas I had so that I didn’t have the pressure of digging for non-existent humor for the sake of the comic strip. It’s not fair to me and definitely not fair to you. Eventually the jokes would get repetitive in this day and age and no solution in sight right now.

So with that (and with WordPress consistently breaking my comic plugin with each update) Elia in a Box: The Webcomic will have its last comic on December 30, 2020. After that, the comic will stay online here on wordpress for two more weeks and then be housed on Tapas and Webtoon. I will share links everywhere so you can enjoy it at any time. I do still hope you go back and read, because these comics have helped me through many things and have provided me with laughs and memories forever. I hope they did the same to you.

However we still have 4 more comics to go before the end! I’ll try to fix WordPress before then, but today I’m sorry. Social media will have to do…