I’m back!!!! However I’m posting this from my cell phone since we still don’t have wifi yet so I hope this turns out alright!

Like I said, I have a lot of news to share! Having had everything packed up for the move and the moving date changing about three times, I had a long enough comic hiatus to think about what more I want to do with the comic, my drawing career, etc,

The first bit of news is that I am going to write and self-publish a comic centered around Helga and her otter sidekick! I posted a preview for this on my Instagram. I plan on making four issues of this comic in the series and to have them all completed by the end of the year! Once I get closer to completion, I will probably start a kickstarter and all that snazz.

Next, I am in fact working on a children’s book! I’m still working on the story and plot right now so I don’t want to reveal much yet, but I am very excited with the subject of the story and I hope to have more information to release about it by the end of June.

Finally, there is Elia in a Box: the webcomic. No I’m not quitting it! Don’t think that at all! I am however making the comic a once a week update from now on since I still have my day job, wedding planning, and all these projects I want to go through with! But I will still be updating!

I will not be signing up for any cons or expos until after our wedding just so I can save up and dedicate 100% of my attention to the appearances. I will still be attending the Creative Women’s Conference in August though! DUH.

I want to thank everyone for their patience during our move and hiatus and for all of the guest comics my fellow artists gave for me to post! I couldn’t have asked for a better comic community to be part of! I love you all!