Hello there! If you start reading, there might be confusion without a quick explanation.

Comics 1-about 83 were drawn when the site wasn’t a domain and more like a photo blog. I did them for the pure enjoyment of the people in my town and didn’t think of publishing them in webcomic form. I didn’t even know about the webcomic world. (Ha) I just wanted to draw little comics and share them with the people I knew.

After that, I started and posted them sporadically with no set schedule. I just posted them whenever I felt like it and had time.

It wasn’t until comic 151 where I established the domain and finally made myself a webcomic brand. I drew comics on a set schedule and did them to entertain everyone. Not just a certain audience. And thus, I established the webcomic.

So now that you know this, I hope the comic will be easier to read. :) Enjoy!



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