362 – Shut up, Peach

Sorry Mini A-kon was cancelled. I was really excited about meeting so many people! They said they’d try to reschedule but it seems highly unlikely.

IRREGARDLESS, yesterday was the 6th anniversary since the first Elia in a Box comic was made and so I wanted to celebrate. One thing I always ask for on my comic birthday, selfish I know, is to just tell someone who doesn’t know about the comic, about the comic. I love growing my audience and word of mouth is a powerful tool. Next is for you; all ETSY shop items get free shipping with code ‘BIRTHDAYBOX’! That includes the grab bags, my new mini comic book, and the discontinued items! The code is good until Saturday! (I extended it) You can see a preview of all the new comic in the new blog post on this site and on Tumblr!

SECONDLY, I want to have a little contest today since it is comic day! So on the Facebook page for the comic, I will be having 5 mini contest events and the winners will be winning a free copy of my mini comic book of comics! You can only win once and be willing to give your mailing address.

Thank you everyone who has been with the comic for 6 years or 6 minutes! You all keep me going and happy! Keep smiling! <3

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