359 – Sailor Obvious

I have some kinda sad news, but first I will share some super cool news! This comic is going to be featured in Moonlight Rrriot! It will be published and printed with many other artist’s works and make it’s debut at the STAPLE! Expo in Austin. Unfortunately, I won’t be there, but if you are going, go find them and buy one!

Now the not-so-thrilling news. This is a personal decision, and I am ok with it. I have decided to put the Allan Saxe book project on hold indefinitely. Lots of time has gone by without replies to calls and emails from a source that owns the rights to most of my Saxe comics, and because I never got replies, I just drew my new ones at a slower pace. Thus, too much time has gone by and I think that the subject has lost its momentum. So I won’t be pursuing a book with these comics. I will finish drawing them all eventually to post on here, maybe, but that is all. If I do happen to miraculously get a reply from the owning source, I still won’t pursue it. I’m sorry.

However, I do want to write and illustrate a book, still. I know what I want to write so this will be my side-project for the time-being. I won’t say anything about it now, but I will once I have more of it written out and drawn.

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