358 – Listen

So I’m starting a little something new. I’m going to be posting my fandom/fanart comics here as regular comics from here on out. I have a few that have already been made and I will get them posted within the next couple of weeks while I catch up on new art for Mini A-kon. I will still have these comics available in the ETSY print shop, but the pieces that are not comics or popular pieces, I will be discontinuing and discounting prices.

I’m doing this to kind of merge Etsy and the webcomic together. Those on Etsy may not know the comic is around, and I want to make sure you all see what’s offered in the Etsy shop, especially with the cons I have coming up. I have exclusive prints that will debut at the cons and will be posted to the shop immediately after. It’s more special than it sounds, I promise.

So be sure to check out the shop. To get this comic as a print, click here!

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