351 – Heard at the office #2

I mean, whatever you need to do to break the awkward silence.

So this past Thursday/Friday (it was like 1 am), I uploaded my first video for my new little web show/vlog/thingy to YouTube. It’s called “Elia’s Art Box” and it’s pretty much going to be me talking about my art findings, endeavors, and smack-talking expensive art products (not really). But I want to make it to kinda get myself out there as an artist, motivate more casual drawing just to draw, and just connect with a lot more people through something I love! At the end of it, I will have a little draw with me music hashtag, so stick around til the end of the video and participate so I’m not the only one doing it. Lol.  CLICK HERE TO GO WATCH IT! AND SUBSCRIBE ;)

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