350 – New Years 2015

I gotta say, waiting for midnight is a struggle nowadays.


I’m personally excited for this New Years because this year I am getting married, I’m attending a couple of cons, I’m planning on finishing my comic anthology and finding a publisher, and lots more. I have made my personal New Years resolution to not give up on dreams and goals easily. I think I still have my small-town mentality and I get scared when big ideas are presented to me.

However, I’m going to try not to anymore. So this year I will be pursuing many great things with the comic and with my art and with all of my creative outlets!

First order of business I have is that the comic print sales are back up! Just click ‘Purchase Webcomic’ on any webcomic to order a print! Hang it up in your room or give it to your dentist to hang up in his exam room. Whatever!

Next, I’m starting a Youtube vlog/show/series/lalalala on art stuff. It’s going to be called ‘Elia’s Art Box.’ It should be up by tonight or tomorrow depending on how my internet and computer cooperate with eachother. I’ll post it up on the comic Facebook, Tumblr, and my Twitter, so stay posted on those! I’m excited to start it!

Finally, with my prints, I’ve discontinued some and marked them down in the Print Shop (etsy link over on the right) so go check them out. I’m now focusing on making spoof comic to sell at cons to be true to my art love, which is drawing panel comics. I have ten drafts finished and I hope to have them all finished within the next two weeks! After all, Mini-Akon is at the end of February and I want  to have a handful of good stuff for everyone to see!

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