278 – Service Animals

You know, service fish. They flail when my blood sugar is low and play dead when it’s high. Right?

Ha. This comic we are introducing Maggie, Aaron’s service dog! Isn’t she cute? The torture part is I live with this dog, and I’m not allowed to pet her. TORTURE I TELL YOU. But we love her because she keeps Aaron alive and stuff. :)

Glad to be back! Sorry about the hiatus, but life bit my arm off and laughed at me. But not to worry, I am back with bi-weekly updates for the summer, and I made good grades in all my classes so I’m not stressed, AND I HAVE A REAL YOB. (Yes, yob. I say it like a Mexican) So all is well again.

Here are a few things going on:

  • Updated the ETSY shop. The shipping costs are down and items are re-listed
  • The Elia in a Box Tumblr is updated and I will try to hold a weekly Doodle Day this summer!
  • Originals and Prints are now available on the site again! Prints are $5 and originals are $25. If you don’t know how to purchase one, just watch our tutorial, and you’ll be set!
  • I added another shirt to the SpreadShirt shop so check it out!

YAY! Glad to be back! Thanks everyone for sticking around!

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