242 – A little hiatus compete with birds

I’ve always been made fun of for my lack of skill when it comes to drawing birds. I know I can’t draw them, but not to worry, I’ve learned to make fun of my lack of talent there. Ha. But yay for 5 minute quick sharpie comics!

But yeah, sorry about the hiatus. This week got dfklk32#$(*@DSJK for me. Plus, me and the housing office are currently at war so I’m being forced to move out sooner than I expected. Yay college.

But I will be back in a week with a new comic as well as a new dorm room! YAY!

Until then, read old comics, share, and maybe make some cookies!


Want to see my failed attempts at drawing birds?
…..you don’t want to see my failed attempts at drawing birds. they’re just, just awful.

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