241 – Phonecalls with Josh

Josh D. is back! Remember him from comic #88 and stuff? Yeah well he payed me $500 to be in comics again! (Just kidding, that is a big lie.) Anyway he’s back! Say hi!


This week has been awesome! I’m glad to have new readers thanks to STRIP-con! Hi y’all!

Also, added an Etsy shop selling my prints that aren’t comic related as well as little grab bags every now and then! So check it out!

And on top of that, I’m now selling all my originals for $30 (unless more art time went into it, then it is in the Originals Shop page) and all prints have been marked down and are now being sold for $8! So buy your prints and orinals now! Need help on how? I made a video tutorial! CLICK HERE!

I think that’s all for now! LOVE YOU ALL! ♥


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