216 – Censorship

Ha. I got this question in my Formspring and spend a good two minutes laughing at it.

I think I might just make the silly questions like this into comics. Too fun.


Got a question for me? Silly or serious, as it at my Formspring!


I tried posting a question to your Formspring, but I’m too lazy to sign up for it. So, here goes (it’s a two-part question.):

1.) We all know girls don’t poop; so, what do they do to rid themselves of their bodily waste?
2.) Does this “poop” of theirs stink?

Your valedictorian cousin,

P.S. I want the truth, because this is a question myself and many of my friends have been wondering for a long time. In a sense, you are revealing one of the greatest-kept secrets humankind has ever known (or not know).

*facepalm* That was you.
Well we burp. That’s how we get rid of waste. Sometimes we cuss. That’s another way we release waste. Each of those actions had their own distinct smell.

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