212 – Procreation problems

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Ok so get ready for some good and bad news.

Bad news: Somehow in the last couple of weeks, all the joints in my right hand developed a crazy nerve malfunction that make any task executed by it, result in excruciating pain. Example: I had to pop two painkillers, wear a wrist wrap, and suck up tears to draw this comic. (Not as dramatic but you get it.) So the quality of my comics might seem impy.

Good news: I found out how to endure it! YAY PAINKILLERS AND HAND WRAPS. Also, in 9 days, it will be the 4-year anniversary of the first Elia in a Box comic. I am so excited and shocked that it has been four years already! AHHH SO HAPPY.

So yeah. I hope the good news cancels out the drama of the bad news. :)

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