382 – Assault

Don’t assault people. Or a salt people.

Sorry for the hiatus, y’all. Life is kinda funny right now and I’ll go into it later down the road.

However right now I’m in a good place and I want to remind everyone about the Creative Women’s Conference coming up! I will be there with Elia in a Box and my photography business, Photography in a Box! I will have my mini comic books debuting as well as my Never Shank a Baby Starter Kits. Lol. You’ll have to come to the conference to find out what those are! Mark your calendars for August 1st! More information down on the right under my con/expo appearances!

Mini A-Kon Print Debuts

Yesterday I supposed to go be in the Artist Alley at Mini A-kon. Well as most of you may or may not have heard snow happened, and since it’s Texas it got cancelled.

So I wanted to still sell my prints but make it as almost-convenient as it would be seeing them at the convention. So I am offering free shipping on them all week! Use coupon code ‘BIRTHDAYBOX’ and it will take it off. I also works on the grab bags and mini comic books in the store too!  I wanted to do something special since it was the comic’s birthday yesterday as well.

So here they are! Which one is your favorite?

marioprintpreview turnipheadpreview nevershankababypreview katamaripreview fmapreview drwhopreview royalspreview attackontitanpreview wasnttherebeforepreview


Creative Women’s Conference 2014

So a couple of weekends ago, I attended the Creative Women’s Conference in Denton. I had the best time ever. I met so many women who work in different artistic fields and got inspired. This conference came at a good time for me because I just started a new full-time job that isn’t really artistic at all, and I was feeling a bit depressed and uninspired and I would get home too tired and uninterested to draw. I saw all these women excelling at what they do nomatter what they were going through and it pumped me back up.

When we got there we were a few of the first ones there (I though traffic would be wild. It was not) so we set up calmly and on time.

Photo Sep 27, 10 49 37 AM


New ETSY prints!

Hello everyone!

Since STRIP-Con was postponed, I decided to go ahead and reveal the new prints I am selling in the ETSY shop!

First I changed on thing in the shop: all 4×6 prints are discontinued and have been marked down to $1.50. They’re little versions of my main prints and are good for quick little gifts! After they’re all gone, I will only take small print orders by request.

NOW FOR THE PRINTS! First….a Legend of Zelda print!


And then….A POKEMON PRINT..S!!!

previewboytrainer previewgirltrainer

With this print, you can order either (or even both) the boy trainer or the girl trainer! I’m working on putting together a custom order trainer order soon. I will debut it at the Creative Woman’s Conference this September and then after I will see about selling it in the ETSY shop!

Meanwhile, the Sailor Moon print is discontinued because I want to make a new one in honor of the re-launch of the new Sailor Moon Crystal! It is now available for $3! All other prints are $5! And remember, I still have grab bags and misprints! GO SHOP NOW

Graduation comic shout-out 2014!

Are you graduating this May or graduated in December?
Do you know someone graduating this May or graduated in December?


Because they can totally be in my graduation special comic!

As you may or may not know, I do an annual graduation special comic and draw submitted graduates and post them in my congrats!
Click below for the years past examples:


‘What all do I need to do?’ you might ask. LET ME TELL YOU.

Send an e-mail to eliainabox@yahoo.com with the following:

Graduates name:
Graduates school:
School colors:
And then attach a picture of them so I can reference it in the drawing! AND THAT’S ALL!

All graduates are acceptable: kindergarten, middle school, high school, college, etc.!

A donation is appreciated, but IT IS COMPLETELY FREE TO SUBMIT! :D YAY!

Deadline for submissions is May 10, 2014 May 26, 2014 and the comic will be posted May 14, 2014.

If you have any other questions, shoot me an e-mail!

Prints and Originals sales updates!

As spring is coming up, I will be doing some spring cleaning to my print sales process. Now that ETSY has updated it’s process and made it all pretty and shiny, I will be using it to operate all of my sales with my original comic art as well as prints of my comics.

I will be working on the transition for about the next month, and then I will have everything up and running and let you know as soon as it happens. Commission transactions will also continue to run through ETSY.

ALSO I will be graduating in May and once I’m out of school and just working my day job, I want to start hitting up the convention scene again! So any ideas on art you want to see from me, please comment on this post! I love to hear different fandoms get represented. Who knows? You might recommend something I’ve never heard of and I’ll enjoy it WHILE MAKING DOODLES OF IT!

NEW PRODUCTS! Buy all the box things!

I’ve added some new merchandise to the Box Shops! First off, though, keep your eye on the Store page if you want anything, because if there is s coupon code or sale going on in one of the shops, I WILL POST IT so you all get a good deal!

First in my ETSY print shop I have added a new print featuring the Princesses of Adventure Time drawn in my box-style. It is $5 plus shipping.


CLICK HERE TO GO SEE IT (and browse the shop while you’re there!)


Strip-Con 2012 Report!

sdfsdjflasdkjflaskdjf Oh my god yesterday was awesome.

I want to thank everyone I met for being so awesome, thanks to all the people who bought things at my table, thanks to the people who purchased my art from the art auction, and just thanks to everyone involved in the con; artists, fans, and the guys who ran the show and made it all happen! It was a great experience.


Got there a little before 9 a.m. with Hannah K to set up. I feel like we got there too early because it was only us and like 5 others. Lol but it was still exciting!

Team ‘Box’ got to sit between Mr. Fes from Fesworks, LLC and the Texas Game Masters. They were cool! I even got interviewed by Fes for his podcast! Super cool!


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